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HACS can help you obtain a halal-certification, we provide halal-tranings and we do research on halal-food. We work for the entire industry, from producers to the catering industry.

Our activities are developed to accompany you whilst founding, importing and maintaining a halal-managementsytem. Our job is to assay all company processes on halal- and regulatory, (inter)national guidelines.

Due to our extended network, we are able to share our expertise and experience in this ever-growing segment. Together we make sure halal-food brings added value to your company.


Due to the enormous growth of the halal-market, the requirements and standards of the accredited countries have been adjusted. HACS holds the expertise to make sure your company complies with regulations and standards.

HACS is familiar with the challenges in your area and translates these challenges to suitable solutions. HACS is a professional provider of services with a worldwide network in all accredited countries among which Arabic Emirates (ESMA), Gulf States (GAC), Indonesia (MUI), Singapore (MUIS) and Malaysia (JAKIM).

This makes HACS one of the largest providers of professional services when it comes to consultancy, auditing and coaching.

  • You wish to enter the halal-market, but aren’t sure how?
  • You’ve lost oversight due to the many standards?
  • Your company lost its halal-certification?
  • You’re curious as what to expect during an audit?


  • Creation/Improvement of system(s)
    HACS creates a new, or improves your current system
  • Guidance and execution
    HACS guides you towards certification
  • Guidance towards audit
    HACS accompanies you during the audit


A HACS training is always up-to-date and all of them are tailor-made. Our driven trainers provide training on location.

  • Halal training
  • Food safety


Halal Auditing & Consulting

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