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    Due to the enormous growth of the halal-market, the requirements and standards of the accredited countries have been adjusted. HACS holds the expertise to make sure your company complies with the required regulations and standards.

    HACS can help you to implement the Halal regulations to fulfill the demand of export to Muslim countries, and to have the certification required to enter in to the market of South-East Asia and the Arabic gulf countries.

    HACS has the skills to certify all product categories from dairy to flavors, to meat.


    Our experience started in 2010 in the field of Halal certification. We were the first team worldwide to have implemented the new requirement of Gulf accreditation bodies according to ISO 17065.

    HACS provides a professional service with a worldwide network in all accreditation countries among which Arabic Emirates (ESMA), Indonesia (MUI), Singapore (MUIS), Malaysia (JAKIM) and Turkey.

    HACS certification process:

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    Halal training is mandatory for approval by Indonesia and Malaysia.
    HACS cooperates with professional institutes to provide the best Halal training results.

    Available programs:

    • Halal Assurance System 
    • Slaughterhouse
    • Screening ingredients


    Complaints and Appeals

    HACS takes all concerns and complaints seriously as they provide us with opportunities to improve and maintain the high standards we strive to achieve.
    For more information about the complaints committee and to contact us, please mail us at info@halalservices.nl.

    HACS policy and declaration of impartiality

    HACS is committed to observing and maintaining our impartiality policy in all our audits. HACS auditors are always asked to reveal and disclose any potential compromises of impartiality and probable conflicts of interests in regards to any of our clients / business that we deal with. HACS auditors offer no consultancy for individual clients in order to prevent conflict of interest

    HACS trustees and staff members have no personal connections with and to the companies that we certify, neither do they have any commercial or financial interests in our certificated entities.

    All records of our financial and corporate dealings with our clients are black and white and such records are also available for the inspection of our impartiality committee.


    Halal Auditing & Consulting

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